/Health & Wellness Benefits

Natural Detox

Hot water immersion is a great way to increase the body’s core temperature, allowing the blood vessels to open and blood pressure to lower, improving circulation.  This will help the body to rid itself of toxins - leading to a healthier you! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet

Improved Muscle Recovery

Hot water improves circulation and opens the blood vessels.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Ease into the water and close the door on the rest of the world.  The heat relaxes the body, improves circulation, and stimulates the release of endorphins - the body's natural feel good chemical! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet

Back Pain Relief

Heat and buoyancy - both relaxing and healing.  Water immersion has been proven to relieve pressure in your vertebrae and discs by as much as 90%.  This pressure reduction on your joints and muscles will allow blood to reach these places and encourage healing and help to the release tension. Get the “Free Hot [...]

Better Sleep

Research shows a deeper sleep can result from hot tub use.  When body temperature is raised in the late evening, it will fall at bedtime, facilitating a more restful, deeper sleep. Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet

Social Magnet

Recreational and social! While the social benefit is rarely touted, it should not be trivialized. The hot tub can be a private personal retreat or a relaxing environment for socializing. Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet


Take a ‘time out” to enjoy some quality time with the special person in your life! Make it your very own private personal retreat! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet

Improved Circulation

Hot tubs help to open blood vessels and lower blood pressure. This will allow blood to flow more easily. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process - soothing aches and pains! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet

Arthritis Relief

Hydrotherapy can relieve many types of arthritis. When submerged, there’s a change in...

Family Time

Enjoy a “staycation” with your family in your own backyard! What a great way to eliminate the technologies that are a part of our everyday lives allowing your family to spend some quality time together. Our clients often tell us that some of the best conversations they have had with their children have taken [...]

Fresh Air

There are many health benefits that have been associated with fresh air, such as making you happier, improving digestion, and improving your blood pressure and heart rate - allowing you to be happier and healthier. Take advantage of these benefits while unwinding in your hot tub! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet