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Luxury Necessity for Busy Modern Lives

Hot tubs are no longer luxury items. (Though they will always feel luxurious), our culture’s pace of life has changed. It’s busier, its faster, it puts more pressure and stress on our bodies and minds. There are times we all fell like we’ve lost control. A Hot Tub allow you to take back control.

  • You’re busy with stress in your life Reduce stress and built up tension
  • You’re active and push your bodies and muscles Stimulate muscles and reduce soreness
  • You suffer from not enough quality time with family or spouse Create a comfortable space for togetherness
  • You have trouble sleeping Self-medicate without drugs for sounder sleep
  • You live with chronic back or joint pain Increase flexibility and reduce pain with hydrotherapy
  • You can’t escape your technology Unplug and reconnect with yourself

More and more customers are referred to us by their personal trainers, chiropractors, doctors, therapists, counselors – all suggesting that they get a hot tub. The benefits are real for both body and well-being. These benefits of hot water soaking have been a part of healthy lifestyles since the Romans and Greeks and carried on for centuries by the Japanese and other health conscious cultures around the world. Hot water immersion is now used by performance athletes, marathon runners and even the NFL. Now it’s your turn.

People like you. Stories you can relate to.

Ed’s Story – Veteran Injury Pain Relief

As an injured veteran, Ed Robinson turned to medication to relieve the pain. Sleep was often difficult, and running was often out of the question. After his purchase of a Hot Spring hot tub life [...]

Lou’s Story – Aches and Pains at Night

Living an active lifestyle does not come without its aches and pains. Meet Lou, a former motorcycle racer, and Hot Spring spa owner. 37 years after an accident Lou still experiences pain. The more active [...]

D’Amico Story – Quality Family Time

The D'Amico family lives life on the go, running to soccer practice, school, and MMA. With activity comes soreness, and a chaotic schedule. Taking a few steps out their backdoor you'll find a Hot Spring [...]

Beth & Mike’s Story – Empty Nesters

Meet Beth and Mike, empty nesters who head to their Hot Spring spa every day to connect, talk about the day, and plan for the future. Hot Tub Time is a special time of day.

Rebecca’s Story – Stress, Trouble Sleeping

Rebecca lives a life outdoors, inspired by the peace and beauty of nature. Two years ago she received a prognosis in the ER that brought on stress and fear. Sleeping became difficult, and the future [...]

Health Benefits

Natural Detox

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Hot water immersion is a great way to increase the body’s core temperature, allowing the blood vessels to open and blood pressure to lower, improving circulation.  This will help the body to rid itself [...]

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Ease into the water and close the door on the rest of the world.  The heat relaxes the body, improves circulation, and stimulates the release of endorphins - the body's natural feel good chemical! [...]

Back Pain Relief

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Heat and buoyancy - both relaxing and healing.  Water immersion has been proven to relieve pressure in your vertebrae and discs by as much as 90%.  This pressure reduction on your joints and muscles [...]

Better Sleep

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Research shows a deeper sleep can result from hot tub use.  When body temperature is raised in the late evening, it will fall at bedtime, facilitating a more restful, deeper sleep. Get the “Free [...]

Social Magnet

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Recreational and social! While the social benefit is rarely touted, it should not be trivialized. The hot tub can be a private personal retreat or a relaxing environment for socializing. Get the “Free Hot [...]


Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Take a ‘time out” to enjoy some quality time with the special person in your life! Make it your very own private personal retreat! Get the “Free Hot Tub Health” Booklet [...]

Improved Circulation

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Hot tubs help to open blood vessels and lower blood pressure. This will allow blood to flow more easily. The increased blood flow accelerates the body’s natural healing process - soothing aches and pains! [...]

Family Time

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

Enjoy a “staycation” with your family in your own backyard! What a great way to eliminate the technologies that are a part of our everyday lives allowing your family to spend some quality time [...]

Fresh Air

Categories: Health & Wellness Benefits|

There are many health benefits that have been associated with fresh air, such as making you happier, improving digestion, and improving your blood pressure and heart rate - allowing you to be happier and [...]


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