Make All Weather, Hot Tub Weather

Mainely Tubs gazebos and enclosures protect you and your hot tub from rain, sleet, ice, snow, or anything else Mother Nature might throw your way. A set of Mainely Tubs steps will make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub. Talk about reducing stress.

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Gazebos & Enclosures Patio Rooms

Patio rooms can be ordered fully enclosed or with open sides to suit the degree of protection required.

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Spa Steps Hot Spring Highlife Steps

The all-new Highlife step was created to match our new, luxury models and complement the entire Highlife line.

Spa Steps Hot Spring Everwood HD Steps

This premium 32” step is an enhanced version of our industry-leading Everwood step, specifically designed to match the new Hot Spring Everwood HD cabinet.

Spa Steps Freeflow Cool Step

Truly the coolest step available! It has an insulated top step and lid to keep drinks cold for days while you enjoy your spa.

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