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[Demo Video] Portable Spa Benefits – Hot Tubs Lewiston

There are psychological benefits to be gained from hot tub use that few people realize. Here are three more exciting benefits that come from taking a dip. To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How [...]

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Planning For Your Sauna

Getting ready for your Infrared or Traditional sauna is easy. Most of our saunas are designed to be enjoyed in a climate controlled area. Find a spot in the house or basement that is larger than the size of the sauna. For installation, a space larger than the sauna itself is necessary to be able [...]

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Ed’s Story – Veteran Injury Pain Relief

As an injured veteran, Ed Robinson turned to medication to relieve the pain. Sleep was often difficult, and running was often out of the question. After his purchase of a Hot Spring hot tub life changed forever. The warm water comforts Ed, relaxing the muscles that cause pain, and allowing him to forego medication and [...]

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Lou’s Story – Aches and Pains at Night

Living an active lifestyle does not come without its aches and pains. Meet Lou, a former motorcycle racer, and Hot Spring spa owner. 37 years after an accident Lou still experiences pain. The more active he stays, the more it hurts. But, spending each day in his Hot Spring spa allows him to forget about [...]

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Rebecca’s Story – Stress, Trouble Sleeping

Rebecca lives a life outdoors, inspired by the peace and beauty of nature. Two years ago she received a prognosis in the ER that brought on stress and fear. Sleeping became difficult, and the future was unknown. After using her Hot Spring spa for the first time Rebecca was finally able to sleep soundly. The [...]

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Up to $300 off with ‘Test Soak’

Get $50 off for every friend or family member you bring to 'Test Soak' a Hot Tub at Mainely Tubs. (up to $300!) Choose between a private room and 'tub hopping' between models we have out on the showroom floor. Call us to reserve a time at 207-883-6357!

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