Caldera Utopia Series


The Utopia® Series – Better by Design

An exclusive combination of high-performance details make each Utopia spa a hydrotherapy powerhouse that’s easy to use with low operating costs. It’s the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually-stunning backyard focal point.

Every model is ready to use with our simple and intuitive FreshWater® Salt System for longer lasting, natural feeling water.



Redesigned seat geometry enhances comfort and provides superior ease-of-use.

The FreshWater Salt System keeps water clean and fresh for a year.

Two Euphoria® Jets in the footwell can work independently or simultaneously to deliver the ultimate foot massage.

The Avante™ steps are two-tiered to match the Avante all-climate cabinet in our Utopia® models.

The existing SpaGlo® zone lighting is now enhanced with an interior LED Points-of-Light multi-color system for even more dramatic impact.

Deeper foot ridges in the lounge seat provide more area for enchanting feet and to better enjoy the effects of the back jets.

Speaker grill surface mounts are built into the shell and contoured pillows provide comfortable neck support.

The elegant new jet face design incorporates a textured diamond pattern accented by stainless steel trim for a contemporary look.



How Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Hot tub hydrotherapy – soaking in heated, massaging water while buoyancy supports muscles and joints – is an enjoyable way to look and feel your best. For generations, health care practitioners have been touting the amazing benefits of hot water massage.

The good news is, the same health and wellness benefits are yours, whether you’re in a fancy resort spa in a faraway land, or at home in a satisfying and soothing Caldera hot tub or portable spa. Here’s a glimpse into how hot tub hydrotherapy can improve your health and well being.

Promote Restorative Sleep – A good night’s rest is more important than most people realize. Yet, surprisingly, few people get the deep, restorative sleep they need to be their best. When insomnia or other sleep related issues prevent you from waking refreshed, a hot tub can help.

A dip approximately 30 minutes before going to bed eases the body and mind into a relaxed state. Elevated heat raises core body temperature, and getting out of the tub prompts a sharp decrease in temperature – the natural indication to the brain that sleep is near.

Ease Aches and Pains Naturally – Muscular pain from overuse or joint discomfort from a chronic condition can prevents you from being your best. Arthritis, back pain, even the occasional sore shoulder makes everything more difficult. A quality portable spa offers on-demand relief, from the comforts and convenience of home – with no appointment needed.

In the morning to relieve stiff muscles, at the end of a long day, or anytime the body needs a little R&R, a dip in soothing, massaging water delivers. Portable spas are perfect complement to smaller homes, and with a variety of price points, it’s easy to find the perfect model.

Build Connections with Loved Ones – Families today are pulled in many different directions with busy work schedules and demanding social lives taking priority. A hot tub at home makes it easy to reconnect with loved ones in a distraction free, relaxed environment. Family night in the spa or a few stolen minutes with a spouse is all it takes to stay close and connected.

Caldera Spas Deliver Relaxation On-demand – Stress, tension and the pain that often accompany a fast paced lifestyle don’t stand a chance with a hot tub at home. Soaking in elevated heat is a proven way to relax tight muscles and joints – particularly shoulders and upper back muscles where tension pools. Caldera hot tubs are designed with comfort and convenience in mind – portable spas that fit your lifestyle and budget.