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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Ask around. Ask Hot Tub owning friends, Google, Yahoo, Bing. Ask about the other guys. 16,000+ well-researched shoppers have trusted Mainely Tubs for 36 years. Mainely Tubs has 5 Stars or just under on every site that does business reviews. Check Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing!

Here are some reviews from our customers.

Blaine and I would like to let you and other customers know that after enjoying many years with our hot tub purchases and service provided by your company, sales staff, and technicians, that we have made our hot tub enjoyment even better with your Silk Balance product and program!  It is a remarkable difference in chemical maintenance; so easy!  This product has no chemical smell and leaves our skin feeling as smooth and silky as the product’s name!

The friendliness and support we have gotten, long after the initial sale, has been very much appreciated, and we look forward to our continued relationship with you all.


We just wanted to tell you what a great experience we had with Kevin when he came to rescue our 1 1/2 year old Grande hot tub from it’s partially frozen state this week.

It was a very cold day when he arrived.He went right to work..took the access cover off the tub and got some heat right on all the parts within that area. He worked tirelessly and effectively in that awfully cold weather and darkening day–and got the tub repaired and working in short order.

Kevin was polite, kept us updated on his progress and gave us pertinent and helpful advice on how to avoid issues in the future as fairly new hot tub owners.

Mainely Tubs is definitely lucky to have a tech like Kevin working for them! We hope we don’t need his services in the future, but he will be very welcomed if we do!

Thanks again for sending us help so quickly and we are happy to say we are back in business and using the hot tub again! It has been very helpful in soothing our arthritic/pained bodies.

South Portland, ME

Mainely Tubs really does have the best customer service. Late last night we realized our tub was not heating and tried to troubleshoot ourselves. When we still could not get it working we called and left a message with Mainly Tubs and received a phone call from the owner of at 10pm!!! We didn’t expect a phone call at all last night let alone from the owner of the company. He was gracious and helpful and we could not be more pleased with the service here. If you are thinking about buying a hot tub this is the place to go!!!


I had purchased a Hot Springs Hot Tub and I purchased it from Mainely Tubs after doing quite a bit of research. If I was going to spend over $12,000.00 I wanted it to be for the right tub and from the right dealer. From the very first day I visited your shop I have been very pleased with the attention I have received from all of your employees.

Today was no exception. Kevin Provencher was very polite and even spoke to my mother-in-law who is spending the winter with us, and he even talked to my grand children who are 3 years old and 18 months. Mr, Provencher explained why the part failed, replaced it quickly, checked operations of the tub. He told to call anytime I did not think the tub was performing right. As he left he thanked me and shook my hand which is definetly the first time. I commented to my wife how well I was treated.

I am very glad I had chosen a Hot Springs Tub and purchased it from Mainely Tubs.


I want to thank you once again.  My new spa arrived last week. From purchase/trade-in to delivery it was a pleasant experience.  Patrick was great to work with during the purchase! He  has a great sense of humor and made spending money fun! : ) The delivery went off with out a hitch.  They did forget the Pre-Water filter, and owners manual.  They sent someone out the next day saving me a trip!  Mainely Tubs went out of the way to make sure that I was a satisfied customer.  Not only am I happy with my new tub -you can be sure you have a customer for life!


I want to thank you for the continuing outstanding service that epitomizes all of our experiences with your company. From the time we purchased our hot tub a couple of years ago and continuing even now, your service orientation has been exemplary. Most recently, we returned to our vacation cabin after having been away for about two months and, to our dismay, discovered a significant problem with the tub. I called and on one of the coldest days of the year, you had Kevin Provencher, one of your service technicians,  arrive that afternoon. Kevin found a solution to get the tub running and returned two days later to make sure the hot tub was back to normal. I appreciate the fact that he not only was professional and obviously highly knowledgeable, but also he genuinely cared about our situation and stayed until he found a solution.
Thank you to Kevin and to all of you at Mainelytubs! It’s a pleasure doing business with such outstanding, service-minded professionals!


I want to thank the staff at Mainely Tubs.  From start to finish this was a very positive experience.  The day I picked out my spa I was told it was not currently in stock.  The staff went above and beyond to get me the spa I wanted without waiting! The day my spa arrived the staff was pleasant and helpful.  They made sure that I had a good understanding of the chemicals, and my spa.  Again… Thank you very much to the staff at Mainely Tubs!


While I was away on vacation, my tub’s filters clogged, which had to do with inadequate cleaning, plus, my housesitters didn’t use chemicals properly, so far as we can tell.

The result was frozen piping in the tub – just 3 months old.  I was in a panic, having already lost my first tub to the same problem (with much different circumstances).  Anyway, a bit a good luck was that Travis was at Sugarloaf that day and agreed to stop in and see what could be done.  Thanks to his good advice, and quick response, I am happy to say we were able to save the tub this time.  I can’t tell you what a relief this is, but I’m pretty sure you can imagine.


Kevin Provencher made a service call yesterday, and immediately assessed the problem and corrected it.

We discovered a leak and we are leaving for FL in a few days. We didn’t think anyone could find and fix the leak in this weather so we scheduled “winter maintenance” to empty the tub.

He found the cause of the leak and fixed it, thereby saving us a considerable amount for this call and negating our need to schedule another service call.

True customer service from an expert.


I wanted to send a quick note to recognize Kevin for his service on our Vanguard today.  Kevin was a true pleasure to work with. We didn’t expect to see a technician here until tomorrow, so it was a pleasant surprise when he called and said he was in the area and could stop by today. Kevin checked out the tub and went over some maintenance requirements with us. Kevin also talked to us about the Silk Club. When we run out of our current stock we will be signing up for the auto ship program.

I also wanted to say that we have been Mainely Tubs customers for 11 years, this is our second tub, and we just love our Hot Springs hot tubs. But not only is the product great, the service is great. We have only had to call for service a couple of times, but each time we received exceptional responses. When we were given Jim’s (the owner’s) phone number, and I actually called it, I really didn’t expect for him to call back that night. It was after 7pm on a Saturday after all. And sure enough at 8:30 he called me back. Now that is impressive!

Thank you so much for you commitment to your customers and your products. It’s quite refreshing!


Yet another great experience with post sale service.  I called on Friday to inquire about the “white glove” service.  I was advised on Monday morning that they could be out that day.  WOW.  Kevin showed up and went through everything with me again.  He made sure I was all set on all the operations of the tub.  He also reviewed the schedule for chemicals with me.  I thought it was really above and beyond that he took the time to look the tub over and noticed that I had re-installed one of the pillows upside down.  Seems little but this was keeping the corner of my cover up, which could result in loss of heat.  VERY THOROUGH review.


Right on time! Very professional – knowledgeable and efficient.


I couldn’t believe it…I called Jim at home on the Sunday of a holiday weekend and he came over! Turned out it was nothing but he didn’t mind. I have never received service like this from anyone.

Yarnouth, Maine

We are really enjoying the tub, use it on average once per day.  We love the saltwater system, and find it super easy to adjust the temperature which it makes it kid-friendly, too.  We are finding it really easy to maintain all the right chemical levels and everything!


The entire staff at Mainely Tubs is awesome!!  I have purchased two hot tubs now and they have have me every step of the way without hesitation regardless of how I aquired my hot tubs.  I will always turn to them for any hot tub related purchase or question!!  Thank you Mainely Tubs for your high standards in service!!


The Hot Tub is amazing and we love it.  Only regret is we should of made the plunge and bought the hot tub a year before when we first met with you.  Thanks again for your service and knowledge in helping us pick the perfect hot tub.  The White Glove service tech gave me some great tips on taking care of the hot tub.


I used to own another brand of hot tub. I had saved money on the purchase price. But all the additional costs not to mention the problems made it a nightmare. This is a product where you definitely get what you pay for.


We shovel our deck before we plow our driveway now just to get to the HOT TUB. We love it!


I want to thank you for the continuing outstanding service that epitomizes all of our experiences with your company. Your service orientation has been exemplary…. It’s a pleasure doing business with such outstanding, service-minded professionals!


100% comfort in having Mainely Tubs caring for my tub (and putting up with me!) I never worry about my tub!