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Delivery & Access

Delivery circumstances for the hot tub are unique to each house. Pictures of the planned location, and the logical “path” to that location, are always encouraged as they will help us to plan our route for delivering your new hot tub! Dimensions of the area around the hot tub and measurements of any “tight” or narrow points along the expected route from driveway to tub location are important for us to plan a safe delivery. Pictures and measurements allow us to determine which dolly to use and how much clearance is allowed. We do ask that you move any debris/clutter to allow for a smooth delivery. The more information you can provide us with, the better! Please refer to the diagram below for the type of information we seek. If you are unsure on how to calculate the clearance or have any questions, please give us a call! As always, we love to help!


Depending on how your hot tub is wired you will need the correct power source. Hot tubs are wired for either 110 (115) or 220 (230); 110 tubs generally require a dedicated outlet, and 220 tubs require a sub panel… While we do have some models (Freeflow) that are considered “plug-n-play” it is generally preferable to have them connected to a dedicated outlet. You are always welcome to use the electrician of your choosing, however, if you don’t have an electrician, Mainely Tubs would be happy to coordinate this service for you with a licensed electrician. All costs related to the electrical wiring are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please contact Mainely Tubs for additional questions and pricing.


Clean source water for your hot tub is important. Municipal water is acceptable and generally needs very few additional additives or filtration to ensure clarity prior to use. Well water can be a different story and can be very different in each home. The best way for you to determine whether the water out of your tap is acceptable is to have it tested by a specialty firm and share those results with us. We often find that well water should be pre-filtered while filling the tub and we can provide you with a Clean Screen Pre Filter. Water that has only modest levels of suspended solids (iron, manganese, etc.) can be treated with the product Metal Gon prior to adding the sanitizing chemicals to the tub. If you find you are having trouble with your water, our staff is fully trained on water care…all you have to do is ask!

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