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Electrical Requirements

With the reality of our harsh New England climate, we at Mainely Tubs deem it only responsible to offer you the highest quality and the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. We are so confident in the time-tested energy efficiency of our hot tubs that we are willing to guarantee in writing the monthly operating costs of each model… and pay if we’re wrong. (The difference for 2 years!)

Shopping TIP: Make sure whatever hot tub you consider has a written energy cost guarantee from the local retailer (like this one) so your electric bill won’t leave you outraged. Some customers, who have discovered a bill of $150/month or more to run other brands of hot tubs, are very unhappy with the salespeople who claimed their hot tub operates at a mere ‘dollar a day’ (or less). They are even less happy because there was no accountable, written guarantee about electricity consumption, leaving them with no recourse. Our most educated shoppers have let this guarantee serve as both protection and assurance.

The charges associated with wiring the hot tub are the responsibility of the homeowner; nevertheless it is very common for Mainely Tubs to coordinate that service on behalf of the customer, thereby allowing the fill-up to be done and the operational instructions to be provided on the same day as delivery.

Visit our showroom today for a copy of our Energy Cost Guarantee – the first in the nation!