Portable Hot Tubs Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle



Freeflow Spas are rotationally molded – a manufacturing process which uses less material and labor than traditional acrylic hot tubs. This allows us to offer affordable hot tubs.






Simply fill up your Freeflow Spa with a standard garden hose (no plumbing required), plug it into any standard 110v outlet and enjoy! There’s no additional wiring or expensive 230v installation required.



Affordable Plug-in Hot Tubs – Fast Installation, High Quality Portable Spas

Soaking in a luxurious spa is an experience few people forget. With warm, massaging water targeting muscles and joints, relief from aches and pains and every day stress is immediate. A spa at home means any-time relaxation, stress relief and hydrotherapy for improved health and well being. If you’ve been looking to complement your home with an exciting hot tub, but concerned it may not be in the budget, or it’s too complicated, here’s some great news.

Portable Spas – Easy and Convenient – Luxury spas with built-in surrounds and gorgeous water features are fantastic additions to the home, but what happens if you move, can you take your investment with you? Introducing Freeflow portable spas – the easy, convenient way to enjoy the same luxurious at home spa without the permanency. With every bit of the same therapeutic massage and enjoyment, high quality portable spas are lightweight, which makes relocation easy.

Plug n’ Play Spas – Soothing Relief In Minutes – Plug n’ play spas offer the best of both worlds – anywhere relaxation and hassle free convenience. The perfect solution for homes with limited space, plug-n’ play spas are extremely versatile, and can fit virtually anywhere. Hot and ready wherever you are, the backyard, patio, even a balcony or porch, with fast installation and no customization needed, you can enjoy hydrotherapy from home even on a budget!

If you don’t own your home, 110v spas are a great choice. With no extra configuration required, they can be filled easily with a garden hose and plugged directly into any standard outlet. 110v spas are in high demand simply because they are easy to set up and use. And for spa enthusiasts looking for a quick, enjoyable and affordable way to ease aches and pains, relax and soothe away stress, plug n’ play spas provide an exciting option.

Freeflow Spas – Built For Value – A leader in portable spas, Freeflow spas are recognized for value. The perfect family option, choose a Freeflow spa and get peace of mind that the hot tub lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about is not only affordable, but easy and convenient too.

Freeflow hot tubs are constructed with a strong one-piece hot tub shell.  Roto-molded spas offer the same exciting experience as higher priced alternatives, but without the need for an internal support frame. With less material and labor costs, Freeflow spas are made available at a tremendous price – a fantastic value for spa enthusiasts.

For common customer concerns and related questions about hot tub ownership, check out our convenient online Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide. It’s a complete reference guide with in-depth insights into everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub!