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Here at the home of Mainely Tubs, we are all about customer care and satisfaction, and that has taught us the real meaning of success. Over time, we have realized that our real success doesn’t lie in how many products we sell, it comes from the way we are able to improve the lives of the people who come to us.

That’s what we believe home leisure products are made for, to improve the life of the people that buy them, and that customer satisfaction, before, during and for the life of the product is what our job is all about. We take pride in the fact that “taking care of business” means taking care of people, and we are happy to have that opportunity today, and to be even better at it tomorrow!

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Hot Tubs Dover

When people are asked what they think the “perfect” hot tub experience is, they usually mention something about the heat and massage. What few really grasp is that those are not just general elements that happen randomly to create the best and most soothing situation. In fact, perfect balance is so very important in making a hot tub truly provide the best hydrotherapy experience. At Mainely Tubs, we have the years of experience that has let us recognize the very best in the market and know the hot tub industry leaders with the most innovative features, advanced water care technology and more. We prove, time and time again that the perfect balance, high performance, great value and satisfaction are all possible, and we are ready to help you in finding the perfect hot tub.

To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, we suggest checking out our convenient online Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide. It’s a complete reference guide with in-depth insights into everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub.

Saunas Dover

When you introduce a new sauna into your home, you are investing in you and your family’s health and well-being in a fun and exciting way. Sauna’s make a great investment, not only offering up a luxurious and enjoyable atmosphere, but a healthy one as well. The best saunas deliver added value to all areas of life. They are rejuvenating and refreshing as they allow you to realize the best “you” in just a few minutes. The deep, penetrating sweat a sauna produces is something health care practitioners agree, is an intelligent way to relieve stress and promote a healthy feeling of well-being through and through.

Swim Spas Dover

Improve the living and entertainment area of your yard or patio with a pool and spa together in one unit. Swim, enjoy family time and fun with friends and exercise in the wonderfully crafted spa combined with hydrotherapy seat jets, underwater treadmill and the superb technology of the Endless Pool swim current. With these swim spas, you can create an outdoor oasis that will be ready to enjoy all year long. No other product offers such a variety to give you the complete health and enjoyment.

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