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At Mainely Tubs, we care about our customers, and it has shown us that the real art of our business. Throughout the years, we’ve seen time and time again that what’s important isn’t how many of a product we can sell, but instead, real success comes from knowing how we’ve helped make people’s lives better. After all, that’s what home leisure products are made to do, improve people’s life, and we think our job should be all about customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale. We take great pleasure in “taking care of that business,” and we’re thankful that we have the chance to do better with each passing day!

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Hot Tubs Hampton

If we asked you to explain your idea of the “perfect” hot tub experience, what would your answer be? If you are like most people, you’d probably answer in simple terms that heat and massage are what makes the time in a hot tub the best. Not many people realize the importance of complete balance in truly creating a great hot tub hydrotherapy situation. At Mainely Tubs, we have learned how the correct components work in correlation with each other, and we also know what brands on the market have the best balance and attributes. Our experience allows us to display the best hot tubs the market has to offer—leaders in the spa industry who showcase innovative hot tub elements, the most advanced water care systems and much more. Getting that perfect balance is possible when you have the high performance, top-quality equipment and it is paired with high satisfaction—and we want to help you find that perfection in your own hot tub.

To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, we suggest checking out our convenient online Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide. It’s a complete reference guide with in-depth insights into everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub.


Are you considering adding an exciting sauna into your home life? Get ready to enjoy all of the benefits this smart investment provides to all members of the household. It is a smart investment, both in creating a luxurious feeling to the home, but also to a lasting way to improve on health. A sauna is a big part of a healthy way of life. Sauna bathing offers tremendous benefits. It is rejuvenating and refreshing. Best of all, just a few minutes a day will let you realize a better ‘you.’ Getting a deep sweat will make you feel energized and refreshed. Health care specialists agree that a penetrating sweat is a great way to reduce harmful stress and helps people feel better about themselves.

Swim Spas Hampton

Get ready to experience outdoor living at the peak of perfection with a spa and pool combined. With our finely sculpted spa combined with powerful hydrotherapy jet seats, you can swim, exercise and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Along with the cutting edge of swim current technology from Endless Pools, and underwater treadmill and the luxurious comfort of the spa, your swim spa will make your yard a haven for fun, relaxation and health all year-round. No other solution is so complete for your entire family’s health and well-being.

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