Here at Mainely Tubs, we put great value on the satisfaction of our customers, and that has revealed the true art of success to us. We’ve learned that how much of a product we sell isn’t what’s important. What’s important is how many lives we’ve made better, happier and healthier. After all, a happier and healthier life is what leisure products are all about, and satisfaction before, during and after the sale is what we are all about. We take pride in our determination to “take care of business” and we feel blessed that we can do that every day and continue to get even better tomorrow!

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Rye Hot Tubs


If we were to ask you to describe your idea of the perfect hot tub elements, what would they be? For most people, heat and massage are the answers they first come up with. Few people think deeper than the obvious, but we know how important the right blend of components is in getting hot tub hydrotherapy right — we also know it is a rare and beautiful thing. At Mainely Tubs, we recognize the industry leaders that do it best. Our experience gives us an edge and allows us to highlight the top hot tubs available on the market — products from companies with the very latest in innovations, advanced features including water care systems and more. We know it’s possible to find that perfect balance of high performance, great value and true satisfaction – and we are ready to show you it is possible too and find you the perfect hot tub.

Saunas Rye

Are you ready to bring an invigorating and fun sauna into your home? An intelligent decision, the right sauna is a great investment, not just in luxury, but also as a way of creating a lasting impact on a healthy lifestyle. As part of a healthier way to life, saunas provide fabulous benefits. Bathing in a sauna just a few minutes a day is rejuvenating and refreshing, as well as opening up bathers to a better version of themselves. A deep sweat is a sauna’s way of cleansing the system, and health care practitioners are in agreement that it is a smart way to help reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve people’s sense of well-being from deep inside.

Swim Spas Rye

Select our beautifully created spas to start enjoying backyard entertainment in the finest, most luxurious manner possible. Our pool and spa combinations allow you to get exercise, swim in place and entertain family and friends with ease. The hydrotherapy jet seats offer soothing massages while the underwater treadmill and Endless Pool swim current turns your backyard into an oasis for healthy living and enjoyment no matter what the weather. You won’t find such a complete solution for a complete lifestyle improvement in any other pool.

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