3 Simple Ways To Fight Summer Boredom

Mainely Tubs, Maine’s oldest and largest retail hot tub company located in Scarborough, is proud to publish “3 Simple Ways to Fight Summer Boredom”.

“July is a time when school vacation is well-underway, and the initial excitement starts to wane. Parents can use a few ideas to keep the kids occupied in healthy and safe ways,” said Jim Van Fleet, president of Mainely Tubs.

Discover Museums – Summer is a great time to check out museums in the local area. Many are low cost, and some even have free days to make it easier for parents to take the whole family on an outing. For extra fun, search for specialty museums that are close enough to visit.

Practice Home Improvement Skills – Give members of the family a challenge by choosing age-appropriate home improvement projects, or pick one large project for all family members to do together. Home improvement projects teach kids useful skills, while fostering pride and a feeling of accomplishment.

Relax in a Hot Tub – Kick back and relax in the warm, comforting waters of a hot tub as a family, or have the kids invite friends over for a fun day in the portable spa. A luxurious home addition, a hot tub is great in any weather and can add extra value to any backyard space. A natural gathering spot to talk as a family, a long soak can also usher in a good night’s sleep.

To help consumers discover the fun and health benefits of hydrotherapy, Mainely Tubs will be providing free hot tub test soaks for the entire month. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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