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Hot-Tubs-Swim-Spas-Saunas-BuxtonAt Mainely Tubs, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed great success – and we believe it’s due in part to our philosophy. We believe success isn’t the number of products we sell, but rather, how many lives we improve. Quality home leisure products are designed to make life better. That’s why we work tirelessly before, during and after the sale to “take care of business”. We’re delighted and appreciative to have the opportunity each and every day to be even better tomorrow!


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Hot Tubs

Can you describe the perfect hot tub experience? Most people say it has to do with warm water and massage, but few know why. At Mainely Tubs, we’re hot tub enthusiasts, but we’re also experts who understand the balance involved in perfect hydrotherapy. When components work together just right, it creates a memorable hot tub experience – elevated heat, invigorating massage and relaxing buoyancy to ease pain, reduce stress and relax the muscles. With the tools to recognize those hot tubs that do it best, we’re committed to showcasing industry leaders with spectacular features, advanced water care systems and more. It’s easy to find the balance in a superior hot tub – and we’re here to help every step of the way.

To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, we suggest checking out our convenient online Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide. It’s a complete reference guide with in-depth insights into everything you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub.


When it’s time to complement your home with a new and exciting sauna, let the experts at Mainely Tubs help you find the one best product to fit your needs and budget. The perfect sauna is a practical investment in health and well-being and an easy, convenient way to look and feel your best. With a wide range of amazing benefits – both physical and mental – a sauna at home is the answer to rejuvenation, revitalization and renewal in minutes a day. Health care practitioners agree, sauna bathing is a proven way to look and feel your best from the inside out.

Swim Spas

Imagine the fun of having access to a swimming pool and spa in one! Backyard living is redefined with the amazing swim spa from Endless Pools. An extraordinary way to spend time with friends and family, exercise, or just relax in comfort, a swim spa offers everything to everyone! With elegant sculpting throughout the spa, hydrotherapeutic jets for powerful massage and an underwater treadmill, the Endless Pool swim current redefines your home as an exciting year-round exercise and relaxation station. No other pool can provide an all in one solution for health and well-being.

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