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Hot-Tubs-Swim-Spas-Saunas-WestbrookWelcome to Mainely Tubs, where customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We’ve enjoyed success over the years, but not because we’ve sold the most products, but rather, because we’ve learned to focus on what we do best – improving the lives of our friends and family. With an awesome product line and a fantastic team of dedicated professionals behind us, it’s easy to make our customers happy. After all, home leisure products were created to make every day living just a little better, and that’s what it’s all about. We enjoy “taking care of business” and we’d like to say, thank you for giving us the opportunity each day to become even better tomorrow!


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Hot Tubs

No two people are likely to describe the perfect hot tub experience in the same way. However, for most of us, it begins with hot water and relaxing massage. As hot tub enthusiasts, we understand how the right components work together to bring out the best in a quality hot tub, and we’re trained to recognize those that do it best. We know that balance is a key factor in creating a memorable experience, but hot tub hydrotherapy done well is rare. At Mainely Tubs, we’re here to help you navigate the world of hot tubs, and we’re happy to showcase the best of the best – industry leaders with innovative features, advanced water care systems and more. Finding the perfect hot tub is easy with Mainely Tubs behind you – high performance, high value and high satisfaction every step of the way.


How about a new and exciting sauna to complement your home? Doesn’t it sound perfect to come home after a log day to a relaxing few minutes in the sauna? A wise investment, the right sauna offers all kinds of amazing benefits from improved skin to decreased stress, even increased energy. A smart, convenient part of a healthy lifestyle, sauna bathing is the key to feeling refreshed, revitalized and renewed from the inside out.

Swim Spas

Backyard living never looked so good with an incredible pool and spa in one. Meet Endless Pool, for at home swimming, exercise and relaxation. A gorgeous pool and spa in one, spending quality time with family and friends, exercise and luxurious pampering has never been so easy. With elegant sculpting in the shell, powerful hydrotherapy jet seats, even an underwater treadmill, the Endless Pool swim current transforms your home into an oasis for year-round exercise, relaxation and fun.

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