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Welcome to Mainely Tubs, where we place great importance on customer satisfaction, and that has revealed the true meaning of success to us. Throughout the years, we’ve begun to understand that it isn’t about how many things we sell, but rather, how lives have been improved. When you come right down to it, isn’t that what home leisure products are designed for? To us, our job is to enhance that by creating a satisfying experience for our customers before, during and after the sale, and we are thankful for that opportunity each and every time, and grateful for the chance to be even better tomorrow!

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Have you ever thought of what qualities it took to create the perfect hot tub experience? When you’re looking to get your own hot tub, you probably are thinking about what most would say to that, and answer that heat and massage are the key. Those two elements are the end result, however, of a more perfect combination of balance throughout the development to produce the best hot tub hyrdrotherapy – and it is rarely done well. At Mainely Tubs, however, we do not accept that anything less than the perfect balance is acceptable. We know how important the proper balance of components working correctly together is, and we know who does it best. That expertise allows us the opportunity to showcase only the best hot tubs from the industry leaders with the best features, innovative technology, advanced water care systems and more. It is possible to get that perfect balance of high performance, the best value and top-notch satisfaction. Let us show you how it’s done and help find you your perfect hot tub.

Saunas York

Are you thinking about adding a luxurious and exhilarating sauna into your home? It’s a smart thought, and a great investment in both luxury and health. Adding a sauna to the home will make lasting health improvements to everyone in the household. As a way of promoting a healthier lifestyle, sauna bathing really delivers. It rejuvenates the mind and body, refreshes bathers inside and out, and lets them feel better about themselves in just minutes. A deep, pore cleansing sweat is invigorating and health care experts agree, a great way to reduce the harmful effects of stress while giving bathers a sense of well-being.

Swim Spas York

Get ready to love your backyard again when you add a pool and spa all in one. You can have backyard living at the height of perfection where you can swim, exercise and have fun with friends and family. The luxurious and carefully crafted spa combined with hot tub seating and hydrotherapy jets, an underwater treadmill and, of course, the powerful technology of the Endless Pool swim current will turn your backyard into a health and entertainment oasis that you can enjoy all year long for relaxation and fun. No other pool option provides such a complete and total package for your overall health and happiness.

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