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Natural Water Care

Clean water is an important factor for spa ownership. No matter which sanitizing system you choose you will be enjoying your spa with minimal maintenance and sparkling clear water.

The very popular Everfresh system comes standard on all HotSpring spas (optional for the Limelight and Hot Spot) will leave you with crystal clear water. Combined this with the Freshwater Silver Ion and you will be sure to use less chlorine!

SilkBalance (patent pending) is an all natural water conditioning system. Simply balance your water and add the SilkBalance weekly. This will ensure that you are using less chemicals and will make your spa water…and skin….silky smooth.

The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is exclusive to Hot Spring Spas. This is an optional system for the Highlife and Limelight series. This system uses Spa Salt to create its own natural chlorine and oxidizers leaving you with crystal clear water and softer skin. When you pair this with the Freshwater Silver Ion you will be sure to have the cleanest hot tub water around!

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