Patio rooms can be ordered fully enclosed or with open sides to suit the degree of protection required.

These structures are intended to be anchored to an existing concrete or suitable patio floor surface. The Vista design includes attractive, maintenance free roof structures and unique exteriors with ample shear strength built in. Time tested and successful in all climates our patio rooms will provide many years of privacy and protection for your hot tub enjoyment.

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Fully Enclosed Rooms

Fully enclosed patio rooms provide the perfect protected space for a hot tub. Our structures are designed to eliminate air gaps and uncomfortable cold air drafts while still controlling humidity and allowing fresh air flow within the unit. Full size rooms will provide comfortable space for spa steps, cover lift devices and other accessories. Our patio room specialist will work with you to plot out the interior space that you require.

  • Entry doors can be recessed or flush and can also be hinged or sliding
  • Door placement can be on any side, in a variety of positions
  • Many options and alterations are available for enclosed Patio Rooms

Partially Open Rooms

Leave your patio room open and bring the fresh air in while enjoying your hot tub. Open air sides can be configured to block prevailing weather, unsightly views or overlooking neighbors while still maintaining the outdoor experience.

Open-air shelters will house slightly larger spas with more space for steps and cover lift devices. Open air rooms can also be used to create an outdoor dining area or to shelter patio furniture. With these designs we can easily add or subtract entire wall sections to achieve the desired degree of privacy or openness.

  • Open on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides
  • Can add additional full height wall panels and lo-volt lighting systems
  • Can be fit with optional Bar Shelves on any open side

Product Specifications

  • Exterior perimeter sizes: 125in x 125in (exterior sides) & 125in x 164in (exterior sides)
  • Exterior wall height size: 82in
  • Exterior perimeter size (exterior sides): available from 88in to 168in
  • Exterior wall height size (height of wall): available from 76in to 100in

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