The Oasis is connected to your property giving you countless options… the main one being you don’t have to step outside. Imagine walking from your house straight to your hot tub, spa or pool while being under cover all the time. The Oasis Small offers two doors, a sliding roof top to assist with ventilation and various aluminum profile colors.

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Stay Under Cover

Connect to Your Home

Stay warm and dry no matter what the weather

Retractable Enclosure

Let the outside in whenever you want it

Affordable Price

Unique process means premium experience at an affordable price.

Energy Efficient

Helps keep in the heat, so your spa doesn’t have to work as hard

Color It Beautiful

Choose color of construction and polycarbonate

Product Specifications


Choose small or large


Oasis Small: 13’2” length, 13’6” width, 7’6” height
Oasis Large: 18’1” length, 16’5” width, 8’10” height

Color of Construction

SilverWhiteBeigeAnthraciteBronzeCobaltWood Imitation

Color of Polycarbonate

TransparentBlueGreen Smoke

Color of Sliding Rails


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Entertainment Systems 22” HD Wireless Monitor

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