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You talked. We listened.

I love the $150 store credit (I still have $87 left!) but it’s hard to refer other people. Can you make it easier and more of a win/win?

1. $150 Store Credit. You get $150 in credit when you refer a friend to Mainely Tubs.
2. Easier to Refer. We’ve added a ‘lighter weight’ referral tool where you can send a rubber ducky to anyone you think needs a Hot Tub. Try it out below!
3. More fun. Every month we have a new Theme for referrals to keep things interesting!

Almost all our customers have referred friends for Hot Tubs and Saunas. Thanks to all of you.. and to all the great friends and family you’ve sent us over the years. More details on the referral program below the Ducky Referral Widget!

 duckyRefer Friends, Family & Colleagues for Ducky Adoption

Have friends and family that should have a hot tub as well? Send them a hot tub-loving rubber ducky that is ‘looking for a good home’ and a $150 coupon. If they end up buying, you get $150 in store credit as well!

New CoverSilk BalanceMini Big Green EggSet of 3 Filters
Cover getting heavy? Get a new cover delivered and the old one taken away. A $500 value!A favorite of so many of our customers. Hello softer water and smoother skin.While that may sound like an oxymoron, the Mini is an amazing well-loved grill.Filters starting to show age? Time for a fresh set of standard filters
Drain & RefillCover Lifter$150 in-store credit
Have one of our technicians drain, clean, and refill your tub for you!One of the country’s most popular lifters – the Cover CradleThe bread and butter offer of the referral program. Straight credit.


We have always loved giving away credit to our customers who share the love of hot tubbing with their friends. As before, the awards above are based on $150 credit for every person you refer who buys a hot tub. The above values are estimates as our costs and pricing do change and some end up higher or lower. Your credit is available immediately after the hot tub is delivered.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]