Wave Good-Bye to Water Care Worries

Most customers would rather be using their hot tubs or swim spas than maintaining them. That’s why Mainely Tubs offers a variety of ClearWater™ Hot Tub and Swim Spa Care solutions to keep your hot tub or swim spa operating at peak performance with crystal clear water that’s always ready when you want to relax or swim.

Whether you’d like us to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly throughout the year or seasonally, we can do that. Simply download our water care plan information, fill out the contract and return it to us, and you’re water care worries will be over.

Download Chlorine Water Plans & Care Pricing

Download Salt Water Water Care Plans & Pricing

Download Swim Spa Water Care Plans and Contracts

Why Choose Mainely Tubs


With Mainely Tubs, it’s all about support. No matter if you’re shopping for your first hot tub, or you’re ready to buy your second sauna, we have the knowledge and experience to meet you where you are.

You’ll find we’re here to work with you, never pressure you. Our experienced sales people are salaried and interested only in helping you find the right hot tub, swim spa, or sauna to fit your needs. As customers themselves, our staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer any question.

With the area’s largest selection of models to choose from and an experienced staff that only has your interests in mind…why wouldn’t you choose Mainely Tubs?

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