3 Health Benefits of Exercise in A Swim Spa

Exercise in water is one of the easiest ways to improve health and fitness. But if your home is too small to accommodate a large swimming pool, a swim spa may be a great alternative.
Here are three health benefits of exercise in the swim spa.

Increased Muscle Strength
Building strong muscles can stave off the effects of osteoporosis, improve posture and athletic performance, and even decrease risk of injury from slip and falls. Water offers an easy, incredibly effective strength-building workout. Using water’s resistance, it’s easy to build power in the arms, chest, back and legs.

Improved Flexibility
Swimming improves leg, hip, neck and arm flexibility—while strengthening muscles and bones. With an adjustable current, water flow in the modern swim spa can be tailored to meet any skill level. An excellent way to increase range of motion, water cushions joints, extending movements safely and without pain.

Relief From Chronic
Pain Aquatic exercise is a terrific way to find long lasting relief from aches and pains. Many swim spas are equipped with heat and massaging jets at one end, for a therapeutic hot tub experience.
Submerging the body in warm water reduces body weight by as much as 90 percent, making movement easy and effortless.
For chronic conditions like lower back pain or arthritis, a few minutes of light stretching in the swim spa improves blood circulation, reducing inflammation and easing pain.

To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of owning their own swim spa, Mainely Tubs will be providing free swim spa tests for the entire month. We do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test call us ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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