3 Tips For A More Romantic Relationship

Mainely Tubs, a premier hot tub, swim spa, and sauna dealer serving Maine and New Hampshire publishes, “3 Tips for a More Romantic Relationship”.

“February is creative romance month, and a great time to bring a little creativity and passion into a relationship,” said Jim Van Fleet, president of Mainely Tubs.

Here are three tips for a more romantic relationship to get things going in February and keep them heated up all year.

Heat Up Romance at Home with a Hot Tub – Having a hot tub ready makes it easier to enjoy a romantic soak with a loved one. With no expensive dues to pay, traffic or strangers to worry about, slipping into the warm, soothing water together is sublime. Soften the lighting, play some romantic music and leave a note with instructions to meet in the portable spa.

Small Gestures for a Better Relationship – Hold hands, whisper in each other’s ears and leave messages of love on each other’s phones. It’s the small details that build strong relationships. For an extra twist, help a loved one with a chore like drying dishes or pitching in with the housework. It may not seem like a big thing, but it will be noticed and appreciated.

Keep Romance Alive with Love Talk
All of the romantic gestures in the world can be trumped with hearing those “three little words.” Don’t forget to tell a loved one “I love you.” These are important words to hear, and not just during the month of February or on Valentine’s Day. Say them all year long and say them often.

To help consumers discover the fun and health benefits of hydrotherapy, Mainely Tubs will be providing free hot tub test soaks for the entire month. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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