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Get Hot Tub Pricing

“No obligation. No pressure. We want the process of shopping for a hot tub to be as relaxing as owning one” – Jim, Owner

“We are so impressed with everyone. Every person is a pleasure to deal with. Wonderful.”
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Because we aren’t permitted to post prices online, we’re forced to email them (or you can call us)

  1. None of our sales team is on commission. So don’t expect any pressure or ‘hard’ selling techniques.
  2. If you have any follow-up questions on features, price, or backyard planning – just respond to our email.
  3. No obligation. No pressure. We’re just here to help you learn about (and get excited about!) Hot Tubs.

Get Hot Tub Pricing

What to Look for When Price Shopping a Hot Tub

Thinking about investing in a new hot tub or spa? A fast-growing pastime, lounging in the spa at home has quickly become a family favorite, with folks from all walks of life choosing to customize a backyard retreat.

Maybe it’s the on-demand stress and pain relief from soaking in hot, massaging water. For others, it’s the exciting entertainment value of having a focal point for friends and family to gather. Whatever the reason – improved health and well-being or just a fun place to connect, a hot tub is a smart investment.

If you’re ready to browse but not sure about spa prices, here are some tips and what to look for when price shopping a hot tub.

Prioritize Value Over Hot Tub Cost – With most high-end luxury products, the adage is true, you do get what you pay for. But modern hot tubs have come a long way since the original wooden tubs, and it is possible to buy a quality spa at a low price.

Smart shoppers understand that what is really important when assessing hot tub price is not the actual dollar figure, but the value. A quality tub that’s backed by a warranty, is durable and recommended by a trusted dealer is sure to be a great value, despite cost.

The Number of Jets Isn’t as Important as Where They’re Located – Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch that relies on equating hot tub price to the number of jets. While a good number of jets is important for delivering a quality hydro-massage, it’s not nearly as important as where they are located in the tub.

Jet configurations that are designed with hydrotherapy in mind – positioned to target major muscle groups with various sizes throughout the tub creates a memorable, top notch experience, not how many there are in the tub.

Brand Names Matter, Choose Quality Over Quantity – Finally, if you’re shopping for a hot tub for your home, never look to no-name discount spas. Sales and discounts are just fine, but only if the brand name is trusted. Deeply discounted spas by unrecognized manufacturers offered at near rock bottom process typically produce rock bottom experiences.

It has to do with the components (think heater and pumps) not working as they should, or jets that fail shortly after you take delivery. Get peace of mind with a trusted brand and look for sales and dealer discounts that can be applied to respectable names.



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