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Our Story

Since 1978 we have been supporting hot tub, sauna, and swim spa customers in Maine, NH, and Mass.

While we enjoy our record as the largest selling HotSpring Spa location in the world (14 times), we believe that the best way to earn sales is by supporting customers better than anyone else.

We do not believe in commissioned sales staff because we want all prospective customers to receive an honest and informative sales presentation every time. This consumer-friendly approach is why we now (2018) have over 25,000 customers and a support staff of over 50 to “walk our talk”.

More than anyone else in our industry, we believe in accountability to our customers. For many years our owner Jim Van Fleet left his cell # and email address on our answering machine and our website as proof of our willingness to help customers day and night. Now we have added Diana’s (GM, COO) and Richard’s (Ops. Mgr.) cell #’s to Jim’s (CEO) #, and we still encourage any customer to seek us out whenever they deem it appropriate.  In 2016 we became a 100% employee owned company (ESOP), and now more than ever before, every one of us knows the critical path mission of satisfying our customers every time we see or talk with them.

We believe passionately in the health and wellness benefits of our products, and will look forward to sharing our knowledge and our products’ benefits with new, prospective customers at either of our locations in Scarborough, Maine or Rye, New Hampshire 7 days a week.

Thank you!