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Experience the Endless Pools® difference.


Introducing the all-new Endless Pools® Fitness Systems. We are all about fitness, and we know that making time for personal wellness isn’t always easy. This is why we developed Endless Pools Fitness Systems with your wellness in mind. There is no other name in aquatic fitness that is as recognized as Endless Pools. After all, Endless Pools pioneered propeller-driven swim-in-place technology in 1988 and has remained the industry-leader for nearly 30 years. The extraordinary swim current generator has helped over 20,000 swimmers of all skill levels experience the many benefits of aquatic fitness. With the exceptional performance of the Endless Pools Swim Machine, it’s no wonder why its appeal ranges from the casual swimmer to the most elite professional.

5 Advantages of Owning a Swim Spa

If you’ve yet to explore the incredible benefits of swim spas, here’s your chance. Traditional swimming pools have been around for quite some time – as have hot tubs and spas. Combine the two and suddenly you have an all-in-one complete health and wellness solution. Swim, exercise and relax with friends and family from the comforts and convenience of home. Here are five advantages of owning an exciting swim spa.

Aquatic Fitness on Demand

The health benefits of aquatic exercise are well known as movement in water benefits body and mind. People of every age and skill level take to the water to improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and endurance, and even lose weight. With a swim spa at home, the incredible benefits of aquatic fitness are delivered right to your doorstep—no traveling, monthly gym membership or navigating a crowded pool filled with strangers.

Swim Spas – Underwater Treadmill

Walking is an ideal exercise choice for those looking to maintain weight and stretch arthritic joints. But traditional walking on land can damage joints, creating pain and discomfort. Lap pools are unique in that they often include an underwater treadmill for walking on the go—but in water! Water’s natural buoyancy cushions joints, meaning even people with limited mobility or advanced joint damage can walk pain free.

Exercise Pools – Adjustable Current for all Fitness Levels

Whether you’re a fitness guru with years of training behind you, or new to the world of aquatic exercise, swim spas with adjustable current make it easier than ever to swim laps, exercise or play at the perfect pace. Set the current to slow when just starting out and gradually increase resistance as you become more comfortable. Turn it down when the kids are ready to swim or ramp it up for the skilled athlete in the family. Completely adjustable current means everyone who uses the swim spa will find the perfect swimming speed.

Lap Pools Provide Hydrotherapy From Home

Swim spas have one amazing addition that traditional swimming pools lack—the hydrotherapeutic experience. With powerful massaging jets penetrating deep into the skin, slipping into a swim spa is the answer to instant rejuvenation after a long day, refreshing and revitalizing a tired body and mind. Swim laps to get your workout in, and then relax in total comfort as you ease away aches and pains.

Aquatic Exercise – Easy, Hassle Free Fun and Relaxation – Exercise isn’t the only pastime when there’s a swim spa at home. Friends, family and loved ones can gather together for entertainment and fun! Sit back, relax and let the sensation of water and massage spark conversation and laughter. Swim spas have it all—aquatic exercise, relaxation and fun for all ages from the comforts, privacy and convenience of home.

There you have it, five incredible reasons why modern swim spas have quickly become one of the fastest growing home investments. With anytime aquatic exercise, adjustable current for all fitness levels and skill, and a luxurious place to relax and unwind with loved ones, swim spas have it all

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