If you’d rather spend your time in the water instead of cleaning it, salt water spas are right for you. And because they use fewer chemicals, salt water hot tubs are ideal for people who are sensitive to chemical cleaning products. It’s time to be kind to you.

Five Reasons to Choose Salt Water

Increased water quality

Salt systems keep water softer and purer than traditional systems.

Gentle on sensitive bodies

The natural chlorine generated by salt water is non-irritating and safe for sensitive eyes and skin.

No unpleasant odor

Say good-bye to that chlorine smell left on hair and skin after a soak.

More environmentally friendly

With up to a year between changing water, salt water hot tubs use less water and fewer chemicals.

Fewer chemicals

Salt water spas generate as much chlorine as they need, so fewer chemicals end up in the water.

Salt Water Ready Hot Tubs

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