The best of both worlds, Finnleo’s dual-heat InfraSaunas® combine a traditional heater & rocks with patented Finnleo® Infrared technology. At times, you might prefer to bask leisurely in the comfort of a traditional sauna. If you’re in the mood for a milder heat therapy, the infrared option is the answer. We offer InfraSaunas® as both free-standing modular units, or Custom built.

Dual Heat IS440

For those who sauna bathe alone, or with one other — or for those who have limited space, the diminutive Hallmark IS440, 4’ x 4’ two-person sauna just might be the best value in the market today.

Dual Heat IS565

This hybrid sauna features infrared or traditional use (the bather decides) in a family size sauna.

Dual Heat Custom Infrared

Where IR was once limited to a few fixed sizes and models—now Custom Infrared and Custom InfraSauna® are available in limitless shapes and sizes.

Finnleo’s dual-heat InfraSaunas® combine Finnleo’s low-EMR/EF Infrared heating panels with a stainless steel traditional sauna heater. If you enjoy hotter temperatures and the ability to control both heat and humidity, you can take advantage of the Infrasauna’s traditional heat feature. If you prefer lower temperatures, but with body-penetrating heat, Finnleo’s exclusive EvenheatTM infrared system makes sure every part of you is warmed evenly.

Infrared Heating Technology

One of the most common complaints about IR saunas is the uncomfortable sensation of “cold spots” in the sauna where no IR heat waves reach the body, and “hot spots” when seated directly in front of the old-style ceramic or metallic IR heaters. Due to the huge surface area of the CarbonFlex® heating panels, the heat is evenly dispersed and the surface temperature of the heaters is comfortable to the bathers. More importantly, the large surface area creates the perfect IR wavelength.

Why Infrared Bathing?


  • Body-friendly. Infrared bathing is a safe and comfortable way to detoxify, and relieve aches, pains and stress
  • Time-friendly. In less than 5 minutes your infrared sauna is ready to heat you up, emitting the beneficial IR heat energy to help you heal, restore, and relax
  • Planet-friendly. Even with daily use, Infrared technology uses as little or less electricity than many other common household appliances
  • Family-friendly. Infrared saunas are safe and easy to use for kids and adults alike — it’s an excellent investment in your family’s health

Full Body Heat

The exclusive Evenheat system includes oversized heating panels that ensure infrared waves warm every part of your body evenly — as well as a gentle heat-redistribution system that spreads heat more evenly throughout the sauna. With Even Heat there are no “cold spots” from heat stratification— you are bathed evenly in the safest infrared available from every angle, floor to ceiling.

Better for Everyone

Pure Infra saunas heat quickly and efficiently with a tap of the touchscreen control. A Pure Infra sauna uses up to 20% less energy than other systems. That means fewer energy resources are used to provide the safest, most comforting infrared heat bathing experience available— and that’s better for everyone.

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