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Finnleo has expanded its portable IS offering by adding a 5 person IS565 InfraSauna. The IS565  (62″ x 74″ x 80″) is large enough to seat up to 5 adults, or two adults lying down. This hybrid sauna features infrared or traditional use (the bather decides) in a family size sauna. The unit is self-contained requiring no special flooring or plumbing needed. Simply plug-in to the proper 240V outlet and enjoy.

The SaunaLogic2 control panel allows you to easily select “Infrared” or “Traditional” Finnish sauna, depending upon what you’re in the mood for. The SaunaLogic2 also features an optional mobile app (SaunaLogic) to control the sauna from a mobile device from anywhere you have cell phone access.

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For Those Who Can’t Decide

2-in-1 Heating

Select Infrared or Traditional heating, depending on your mood

Perfect for Limited Space

The IS440 2-person InfraSauna is perfect for those who sauna bathe alone

Easy Assembly

Comes complete from the factory with everything you need.

Plug In and Go

Simply plug into a 120-volt household outlet

Panel-Built Rooms

 Pre-manufactured and engineered for optimal performance

Sauna. For Your Health

For centuries, the Finnish people have known sauna improved their health. Now, numerous medical studies prove the health & wellness benefits of sauna: from cardiovascular and brain health to faster recovery after workouts.

Because 2 Is Better than 1

The innovative and unique to Finnleo 2-in-1 InfraSauna® provides pleasure beyond what a traditional or infrared sauna can do individually. At times, you might prefer to bask leisurely in the comfort of a traditional sauna. When time is tight or you’re in the mood for a milder heat therapy, the infrared option is the answer. 

The Best of Advanced Technology

Finnleo’s advanced traditional sauna technology has been seamlessly combined with CarbonFlex far-infrared technology. It can be included in virtually any shape or size Finnleo Modular sauna or Finnleo Custom Cut sauna up to 425 cu. ft.

Product Specifications




5 people




62″ x 74″ x 80″

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Dual Heat IS440

For those who sauna bathe alone, or with one other — or for those who have limited space, the diminutive Hallmark IS440, 4’ x 4’ two-person sauna just might be the best value in the market today.

Dual Heat Custom Infrared

Where IR was once limited to a few fixed sizes and models—now Custom Infrared and Custom InfraSauna® are available in limitless shapes and sizes.

Hot Spring Limelight Beam

Introducing the Beam. This 6’8” x 6’8” spa is an open seated, four-person model. Each of the four corner seats feature a different hydrotherapy option and the footwell has a powerful 3-inch directional jet for ample foot therapy.

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