Himalaya electric sauna heater

The Himalaya electric sauna heater has several features unique to North America: a rock tower design with 210 pounds of rocks and standard BioWater Technique technology (an integral water tank that emits soft steam during the sauna session). The combination of soft heat from the large rock mass and the humidity from the BioWater Technique is a “game changer” in the sauna industry, creating a much more pleasant sauna experience. Add a glass ring for in-bench designs and your sauna will look as beautiful as it is functional.

  • Floor standing, rock tower heater with stunning Nordic design.
  • Used in corner installations, mid-sauna installations, or other through-bench installations

SaunaLogic2 Control with Mobile App

The SL2 Control is North America’s first sauna control with true worldwide mobile functionality. Operate your sauna from anywhere you have cell service. The SL2 control is feature-rich giving sauna users flexibility to control their sauna easily, from anywhere. Your sauna will be ready when you are!

The SaunaLogic app allows users to control all functions and programming of their sauna from wherever they are.

Control Specifications

  • Intuitive display (time/temp/lighting/system status)
  • 24-hour time delay
  • 60-minute timer
  • Built-in RGBW light control with dimmer (with Finnleo low-voltage lighting kit)
  • Built-in Bluetooth button for use with optional SL2 Audio Kit
  • Available in Traditional-Sauna or InfraSauna models

The SaunaLogic2 mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones, iPads/tablets, and works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri. The Administrator of the app can create a “Family” and add as many users as they wish.

Product Specifications



Himalaya 7 Features

Sauna size: 175-350 cu. ft.

Heating power: 6.8 kW

Vulcanite rocks: 210 lbs

Amps / Voltage / Phase: 28.3 / 240 / 1

Amps / Voltage / Phase: 18.9 / 208 / 3

Shipping weight: 16

Dimensions (WxHxD): 12×40-1/2×15 inches

Matches with the SL2 Control & mobile app

Himalaya 9 Features

Sauna size: 310-500 cu. ft.

Heating power: 9.0 kW

Vulcanite rocks: 210 lbs

Amps / Voltage / Phase: 37.5 / 240 / 1

Amps / Voltage / Phase: 25.0 / 208 / 3

Shipping weight: 16

Dimensions (WxHxD): 12×40-1/2×15 inches

Matches with the SL2 Control & mobile app

Himalaya electric sauna heater

Want More? Consider These

Designer SL2 sauna heaterDesigner SL2 sauna heater

Finnleo Designer-SL2 Sauna Heater

For saunas from 150 to 425 cubic feet, the Designer SL2 heater pairs with the SaunaLogic2 with a world-wide mobile app. This new control and app allow you to control your sauna from anywhere in the world.

Designer B sauna heaterDesigner B sauna heater

Finnleo Designer-B Sauna Heater

The Designer-B electric sauna heater offers in-room control of your sauna or for installs where external controls are not an option. Controls feature “9+1” timer with 9-hour time delay feature. Controls bottom mount—front or side.

laava electric sauna heaterlaava electric sauna heater

Finnleo Laava Sauna Heater

The Laava heater is designed for large residential and commercial-sized saunas. With a maximum amount of rocks of 132 lbs, this heater creates a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. Match with the SL2-C Control. BioWater Technique technology is not available.

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