E500 Swim Spa in Ice Gray and Gray
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The ultimate for wellness, fitness and relaxation.

The E2000 delivers on that promise. The E2000 boasts the industry’s best swim-in-place experience, now with a dedicated spa side, so you can regulate temperatures on both sides, independently. We’ve paired the industry leading Endless Pools Swim Machine with our optional underwater treadmill, low-impact exercise equipment plus relaxing warm water hydrotherapy. Swim, run, exercise and then relax, all in the privacy of your backyard, any time you want.

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Designed for Shareable Moments

Swim Machine

Custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system 

Full Home Wellness

Options provide a full body workout, whatever your pleasure

Low Impact Running/Walking

Be kind to your body with optional underwater treadmill

Swim Lane Marker

Lane markers help you stay centered in the swim lane


Spa Seating

Hydromassage jets soothe muscles post workout

Endless Pools Shell Design

The shell design is revolutionary in the way its advanced look and feel will provide you with a fitness system that you can be proud to own and have as the centerpiece of your backyard. The bar top completes the beautiful and modern style, which flows gracefully from the spa seats to the swim current generator. Upon first glance, it’s immediately clear that the collaboration between our designers and engineers has resulted in a shell that stands above in both form and function. The shell is available in Alpine White or Ice Gray.

The Original Endless Pools Swim Machine

Unlike any other swim spa. Endless Pools’ flow is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.

All-Season Cabinet

The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems maintenance-free cabinet was specifically designed for durability and beauty, with a rich finish that creates a feeling of depth while delivering simple maintenance. The panels are available in two distinctive colors – Dark Mocha or Gray Oak – and are attached to the frame by innovative T-Spacers that hide hardware and help tie together the complete look.

Hydromassage Spa Seating

Perfectly positioned in two captain’s chairs with pillows, plus a third middle seat, four jet types are combined in three configurations to deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience.

  • Mini Jet – A small and focused stream of water targeting specific areas of your upper back
  • Directional Jet – Similar to the mini, the directional is focused but with a larger stream of water
  • Rotary Jet – Same level of water pressure as the directional, but the jet moves to create a circular massage pattern to reach a larger area of the back.
  • Cluster Jet – A unique pulsating massage targeting your lower back

Product Specifications

Model Type

58” Swim & Treadmill / 58” Swim

Cabinet and Shell Colors

Cabinet Colors:

Shell Colors:
Alpine WhiteIce Gray


20’ L x 89” W x 58” H
Swim Side: 15’ L x 89” W x 58” H
Spa Side: 5’ L x 89” W x 36.5” H

Water Capacity

58″ Swim & Treadmill: 2,350 Gallons
Swim Side: 2,000 Gallons
Spa Side: 350 Gallons

58” Swim: 2,395 Gallons
Swim Side: 2,045 Gallons
Spa Side: 350 Gallons


58″ Swim & Treadmill: 4,195 Lbs (Dry) / 25,545 Lbs (Filled*)
58” Swim: 4,090 Lbs (Dry) / 25,795 Lbs (Filled*)

Swim Technology

Endless Pools® Swim Machine

Power Unit

5 HP Hydraulic Power Unit

Control System

2 LCD Control Panels 230v/60amp, 60 Hz, includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel


14-Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame

Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Base Pan

Energy Efficiency

Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

Music Option

8 Speakers + Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters or VacuSeal® Cover System

Additional Options

Endless Pools® Pace Display, Floor Mirror, Gecko® In.Touch Wi-Fi & Mobile App


Swim Side: Bench Seat
Spa Side: 4 Hydrotherapy Seats + Cool Down Seat

Hydrotherapy Jets – 36

Spa Side: 2 Large Jets, 2 Rotary Jets, 6 Directional Jets, 26 Mini Jets

Hydromassage Jet Pump

Spa Side: 2 – 2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque – 1 Speed Pumps

Water Feature

Swim Side: 2 Illuminated Waterfalls
Spa Side: 1 Illuminated Waterfall

Water Management System

Swim Side: UVC + CD Ozone
Spa Side: CD Ozone

Effective Filtration Area

Swim Side: 200 Square Feet
Spa Side: 50 Square Feet

Lighting System

Swim Side: 14 Multi-Color LED Points of Light & LED Illumination Bar
Spa Side: 12 Multi-Color LED Points of Light

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Tether and Rowing Kit

*Includes water and 10 adults weighing 175 lbs. each

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E500 Swim Spa in Ice Gray and GrayEP-FitnessSystem-2024-E500-AlpineWhite-Overhead

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Endless Pools Fitness Systems E700

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