The Essence of Sauna

Free-standing Sisu saunas glow with genuine welcome. The room itself is light and well-ventilated. The wood for walls and ceilings is Nordic White Spruce (European Grade A from sustainably managed Finnish forests) or optional clear Western Red Cedar or premium Canadian Hemlock. The subtle scent of a Finnish forest combined with Scandinavian design provides a pure sauna experience.

Sisu saunas offer unlimited options, from personal size saunas to large club size saunas, making them equally ideal for private or public use.

Custom designs and sizes are available as well, and interiors, windows, doors and much more can be personalized with a wide variety of options.

Abachi is used extensively throughout the sauna — wherever skin touches wood — on benches, backrests, head rests and door handles. Abachi wood remains comfortable to the touch even at high temperatures, resists stains and odor absorption, and has no knots or splinters. It is the ultimate sauna bench material, and is used in the finest saunas of Europe.

You can personalize your sauna with any number of available options including:

  • Bronze tinted sidelight windows (tempered insulated glass)
  • Special doors, including Finnleo ‘s popular all-glass door or etched glass door
  • Custom-designed dramatic angles
  • Himalaya heater upgrade

Choose from several door and window styles to personalize your sauna and give it the look you want. Door options include:

  • Douglas Fir door with traditional window
  • All-glass door in bronze, clear or satin finish (standard)
  • Etched all-glass door with birch leaf design
  • Sidelight window options in multiple panel locations or tint options

All doors are pre-hung and include handles and pre-installed latch system.

All Sisu Packages Include:

  • Standard exterior height is 84”, but can be customized from 78” to 96”
  • Pre-built benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard and duckboards
  • Pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels — all completely blind nailed, Nordic White Spruce, Cedar or Hemlock interior and exterior
  • Pre-hung all-glass door, hinged left or right, pre-installed in its own panel
  • Heater, rocks, bucket, ladle, light and necessary hardware
  • Manufactured in the USA by Finnleo
  • Quick and easy assembly – Make Sisu the clear choice!

Options Available:

  • Bluetooth Sound Bar
  • Cedar or Hemlock exterior & interior wood options
  • Hiimalaya SL2 heater upgrade
  • 8 unique backrest design options
  • Upper bench skirt upgrade
  • Full or 2/3 all-glass front option availabile depending on sauna size

Designing and Building Your Sisu Sauna

Below are typical configurations of Finnleo Sisu Series. Dimensions are approximate O.D. of sauna room. Allow 2 ft. of bench per person. Unlimited custom shapes and sizes are available for panel-type saunas.

PB44 - 4'x4'

PB44 – 4’x4′

PB46 - 4'x6'

PB46 – 4’x6′

PB56 - 5'x6'

PB56 – 5’x6′

PB66 - 6'x6'

PB66 – 6’x6′

PB66-5 - 6'x6'

PB66-5 – 6’x6′

PB68 - 6'x8'

PB68 – 6’x8′

PB77-5 - 7'x7'

PB77-5 – 7’x7′

PB88 - 8'x8'

PB88 – 8’x8′

PB812 - 8'x12'

PB812 – 8’x12′

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