The FROG @ease In-Line System with SmartChlor® Technology automatically maintains clean water with pre-filled cartridges to eliminate the guesswork and combine chlorine and minerals for self-regulating sanitization. Chemical odors are minimized, while minerals condition the water for a softer feel.

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How It Works

The @ease SmartChlor and Mineral cartridges fit out of sight and chlorine is released slowly to maintain more consistent levels. Simply set the dial on the cartridges and insert them into the spa. 

Available Cartridges

Chlorine cartridges last up to four weeks; mineral cartridges last up to four months. FROG Serene (TM) bromine and mineral cartridges are available for those who prefer an alternative to chlorine.

Combine with Monarch® CD Ozone

The @ease SmartChlor Cartridge can be combined with our Monarch® CD Ozone System for the ultimate in water care. The CD Ozone System is standard on Utopia® models, and optional on Paradise® and Vacanza® models.

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