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A Custom Infrared Sauna, an option previously unavailable and unique to Finnleo, will meet your special needs. Where IR was once limited to a few fixed sizes and models—now Custom Infrared and Custom InfraSauna® are available in limitless shapes and sizes; you are limited only by your design imagination.

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Custom Infrared for Your Home

No Limits

New construction or conversions, we’ll fit your needs

Full Body Heat

Exclusive EvenHeat warms quickly and evenly with no “cold” spots

Choose Infrared or InfraSauna

Full Infrared or hybrid InfraSauna

Form Meets Function

Innovative use of glass, angles, curves, special lighting and sound systems

Free Design Service

 If needed, use our free design service to incorporate your ideas

The Options Are Endless

The options with our Custom IR/IS are endless…with innovative use of glass windows and all-glass doors, angles, curves, special lighting and sound systems. Your design (or with our free design service incorporating your ideas), in partnership with Saunatec experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function.

New Construction? No Problem

Handcrafted to your plan, we’ll precut the finest hand-selected wood for your walls and ceiling, we’ll pre-build the benches and door, and include a CarbonFlex® IR Panel Kit sized for your room—all for installation on your framed walls. Simply provide the inside dimensions of the framed walls, the door location and your preference for bench configuration—and we’ll do the rest.

How Can We Help?

Whether it’s new construction or converting an existing sauna into Infrared-Only or InfraSauna, we can do it. So go on and dream a little.

Want More? Try These Saunas

Dual Heat IS565

This hybrid sauna features infrared or traditional use (the bather decides) in a family size sauna.

Dual Heat IS440

For those who sauna bathe alone, or with one other — or for those who have limited space, the diminutive Hallmark IS440, 4’ x 4’ two-person sauna just might be the best value in the market today.

E550 Swim Spa in Alpine White and MochaEP-FitnessSystem-2024-E700-AlpineWhite-Overhead

Endless Pools Fitness Systems E700

A spacious step up from our E500 swim spa, this model perfectly suits families and swimmers who enjoy jetted hydromassage after a vigorous aquatic workout.

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