Northstar Outdoor 57 Sauna
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The roomiest NorthStar Outdoor Sauna, the 5’x7′ sauna includes an L-shaped top bench, with seating for five or two people lying down. The NSO-57 includes a Viki 6kW stainless steel heater with SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app.

Optional on NorthStar Outdoor Saunas:

  • Sound Bar System

Quality Time Outside

Fully Insulated

Roof kit is full insulated. Choose plywood, cedar shingles, or metal roofing.

Scandinavian Styling

Built for a light, cozy, serene feel throughout

Easy to Assemble

Simple panel construction makes assembling easy

Comfortable to the Touch

Abachi wood remains comfortable to the touch even at high temperatures

Genuine Sauna Feel

White Spruce on cathedral ceiling & walls

Sauna. For Your Health

For centuries, the Finnish people have known sauna improved their health. Now, numerous medical studies prove the health & wellness benefits of sauna: from cardiovascular and brain health to faster recovery after workouts.

Control All Sauna Functionality From the SaunaLogic Mobile App

The fully customizable mobile app-operated control has powerful capabilities and goes well beyond simple on/off functionality. The SaunaLogic app allows users to control all functions and programming of their sauna from wherever they are. Within the app, the user can adjust temperature, choose the light color (built-in RGBW light control with dimmer), turn Bluetooth on/off (for use with optional SL2 Audio Kit), set a delay time (up to 24 hours), use the 60-minute timer, create daily/weekly/monthly schedules, and more.

Color Therapy

All NorthStar Series Saunas include color therapy lighting systems-discreetly integrated into the backrests. In addition to white light, the LED lighting system can create six different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise and Violet); choose the color according to the mood desired.

NorthStar Sauna with color therapy violet lighting.

Reimagined for Today

The NorthStar series saunas are modular/free-standing, making them easy to incorporate into an in-home fitness area or anywhere there is as little as 16 sq. ft. of floor space.

Product Specifications




5 people




5’x7′ with height of 7′


Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior. Exterior surface must be painted or stained.

Want More? Consider These Saunas

Northstar Indoor 44 SaunaInside image of bench and bucket of the NorthStar Indoor Series 44

Traditional Saunas Northstar Series NSI-44

With the NSI-44, a true Finnish sauna experience is possible in only 16 sq. ft. of floor space. The NSI-44 comes equipped with the same features as other NorthStar saunas, but with the 120-volt stainless steel “Junior” heater (1.7 kW or 2.2 kW/120V/with cord/plug) instead of a 240-volt heater.

Simply assemble, plug it into the closest dedicated outlet and you’re ready—no finishing work, no plumbing and no electrical.  As with all NorthStar saunas, the NSI-44 includes a SaunaLogic2 control with worldwide mobile app.

NorthStar Outdoor Sauna 56Inside view of the bench on the NorthStar Outdoor 56 Sauna

Traditional Saunas Northstar Series NSO-56

The Finnleo NorthStar Outdoor Sauna’s simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble in a few hours anywhere you have space-on a backyard patio, poolside, or even under a deck. The perfect complement to backyard living, the NorthStar Outdoor Sauna is easier than ever to use with your smartphone as a second control. No need to go outside to turn the heater on.

Image of the NorthStar Indoor Series 46 with the door closedImage of the benches inside the NorthStar 46

Traditional Saunas Northstar Series NSI-46

This 4’x6′ sauna is ideal for two or three people, including a top bench long enough to comfortably lie down.

The NSI-46 includes a Viki 4.5 kW stainless steel heater and SaunaLogic2.

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