Simplicity is a Good Thing

Finnleo has trail-blazed the sauna industry for over 100 years, and now introduces the only multilayered sauna experience on the market. A new dimension in modern sauna solutions, handmade in Finland.

A Sauna That Changes With You

The BioWater Technique-ready sauna provides a multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation in true Finnleo fashion. A multitude of sauna experiences in one single and ingenious sauna solution.

One Heater. Multiple Sensations.

Indulge in a multilayered sauna experience. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different experiences with others. With a BioWater Technique-ready sauna heater it is all possible. The flexibility of BioWater Technique opens up a number of opportunities for pleasurable sauna experiences that you can all enjoy.

Two Sauna Types From One Heater

BioWater Technique makes it all possible.


Fill BioWater Technique water container and set temperature to:

140-175 º F

  • More humidity
  • Lower temperature
  • A gentle sauna experience
  • Bio-aroma available

Hot & Dry Sauna

Use BioWater Technique without water and set temperature to:

175-190 º F

  • High temperature
  • Lower humidity (adjust humidity by the amount of water sprinkled on the rocks)
  • Intense sauna sensation
  • A great, traditional Finnish sauna experience

Please call your nearest showroom to check in-store product availability.

Himalaya electric sauna heaterHimalaya electric sauna heater

Finnleo Himalaya Sauna Heater

The Himalaya is a floor standing, 210lb rock tower heater with stunning Nordic design. For rooms up to 500 cu. ft. Match with the SL2 Control. BioWater Technique technology is standard

laava electric sauna heaterlaava electric sauna heater

Finnleo Laava Sauna Heater

The Laava heater is designed for large residential and commercial-sized saunas. With a maximum amount of rocks of 132 lbs, this heater creates a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. Match with the SL2-C Control. BioWater Technique technology is not available.

magma electric sauna heatermagma electric sauna heater

Finnleo Magma Sauna Heater

The Magma heater is designed for large commercial-size sauna rooms requiring two or more floor heaters—from 21.0 kW to 28.8 kW. Match with the SL2-C control. BioWater Technique technology is not available.

Designer SL2 sauna heaterDesigner SL2 sauna heater

Finnleo Designer-SL2 Sauna Heater

For saunas from 150 to 425 cubic feet, the Designer SL2 heater pairs with the SaunaLogic2 with a world-wide mobile app. This new control and app allow you to control your sauna from anywhere in the world.

Designer B sauna heaterDesigner B sauna heater

Finnleo Designer-B Sauna Heater

The Designer-B electric sauna heater offers in-room control of your sauna or for installs where external controls are not an option. Controls feature “9+1” timer with 9-hour time delay feature. Controls bottom mount—front or side.

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