There has never been a better time to own a sauna! Having your very own personal sauna gives you a convenient 24/7 health and wellness retreat right in your home. If you want the quickest and best overview possible on why and how to buy a sauna, you’ve come to the right place! So, let’s take a look at our top 10 sauna buying tips now.

1. Learn the Difference Between Traditional Saunas and Infrared Saunas!

The best way to kick off this home sauna buyer’s guide is to make sure you understand the dynamic differences between traditional saunas and infrared saunas, as they use different technology to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. While you can check out our Traditional vs. Infrared Saunas Guide: What’s Right for You? , here’s a quick tutorial right here:

If you enjoy steam in the sauna, higher temperatures, and a more social environment, then a traditional sauna may be the best sauna for you.

These saunas can be indoor or outdoor. Here are some other quick facts about traditional saunas:

  • The median temperature is between 185-190 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Traditional saunas heat the air to heat the body
  • Heat and humidity: Very dry until water is sprinkled over hot rocks. Both temperature and humidity are adjustable (by adding water to rocks); you can also incorporate essential oils into the water for aromatherapy.
  • It requires 30-40 minutes to preheat rocks before use
  • Proper ventilation will be required
  • Bathers enjoy 10-15 minutes – optimal time for use

If you prefer lower temperatures but with body-penetrating heat, an infrared sauna may be your best sauna choice.

These saunas are designed for indoor use only. Here are some other quick facts about infrared saunas:

  • Optimum temperature between 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Infrared saunas directly heat your body. The infrared energy penetrates the body and raises the core temperature – activating a more pronounced sweating. The EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and EF (electrical field) on some models that utilize certain technology are lower than the ambient in your home. The EMR and EF levels are far below even Sweden’s toughest radiation standards.
  • Heat and humidity: Relatively dry with average humidity. Temperature is controllable; humidity is not.
  • No pre-heat time required
  • Since water isn’t used with an infrared sauna, there’s no concern about ventilation. It’s a completely dry heat that maxes out at 150 degrees. 
  • 10-15 minutes is optimal time for use, but bathers often stay 25-30 minutes (due to lower temperatures).

2. Explore the World of Sauna Ownership Benefits and the Many Health and Wellness Benefits!

For its small footprint, the sauna packs a huge punch when it comes to its many benefits – especially if you use your sauna on a regular (or daily) basis which is pretty much the easiest job there is!

Since there is so much detail in the world of sauna benefits, we encourage you to check out two of our resource guides:

  • 6 key benefits of having a home sauna: Not only do you have 24/7 access to the ultimate wellness retreat, you can also enjoy an escape from stressful reality, gain the best fitness ally, and enjoy a social oasis with friends and family – all at an affordable cost and easy maintenance.
  • 10 amazing health benefits of saunas: Sauna health benefits range from cardiovascular health, mental health, pain management, powerful detoxification, immunity boosting, weight maintenance, better skin, better sleep, and the prevention/management of many health conditions and ailments.

3. Decide Where It Will Go (Indoor Vs. Outdoor)

As we mentioned earlier, infrared saunas are designed for indoor use only. However, if you are looking for a traditional sauna that can be an outdoor sauna, you are in luck! There are several outdoor sauna options (from saunas that can also act as pool houses to outdoor sauna barrels) and you can learn about these options on our Home Sauna Size page.

4. Maximize Your Existing Space for A 24/7 Accessible Sauna Oasis

Outdoors or indoors: you can create your own dream sauna space. What is feeling right for you?

  • Outdoor, traditional saunas: Complimented to your housing style, a traditional sauna is perfect on an outdoor patio or near your outdoor swim spa.
  • Indoor (traditional or infrared) saunas: You can create a personal spa in a wide-open basement, transform the “extra room” (i.e., if your kiddo just went off to college) into a sauna room, or even renovate an existing closet space into a sauna oasis.

Check out our Home Sauna Size page for some sample dimensions and options.

5. Finalize the Preferences of Your Sauna

As one of the best sauna-buying tips, remember that the best sauna is the sauna that you will use the most. So, think about what you most want in terms of:

  • Sauna size
  • Sauna seating capacity
  • Sauna features
  • Customizable options (from wood, to doors, to accessories)

While our Home Sauna Size guide can help, you’ll want to rely on your local sauna dealer to ensure that you get exactly what you want in your dream sauna!

6. Establish Your Sauna Budget

The sauna price range will be totally dependent on the sauna make and model, and accessories that you choose. As a very general category range, you can spend anywhere from:

  • $6,000 to $11,000+ depending on size and payment method for traditional saunas
  • $4,400 to $9,000+ depending on size and payment method for Infrared saunas
  • Low, ongoing energy costs: For most families, the cost to run an in-home sauna is less than the typical cost to run a washer and dryer!

You can learn more on our sauna costs page but be sure to talk with your local sauna dealer about specific costs and financing options. They can help make sure you get the sauna you’ll love for years to come.

7. Find A Reputable Sauna Dealer

Since this sauna purchase is an important investment, find the right local sauna dealer. Make sure they have been in business for a long time, have good customer reviews, are fully knowledgeable about saunas and all their components, are available for hands-on training, offer post-purchase questions and assistance, and are focused on finding you the right sauna over simply making a sale.

8. Test Out the Saunas!

Especially if you are still on the fence between buying a traditional or infrared sauna, go test them out to see which sauna experience feels right for you! If you find one you love, work with your local sauna dealer for all the details and next steps.

9. Finalize the Details of Your Sauna Purchase—And Ensure Installation Day Is A Breeze

It’s time to lock it all up! Finalize your payment details, warranty plans, and installation details with your local sauna dealer. These are super easy to install and to get up and running right away, so work with your dealer on putting the big day on the calendar!

10. Maintain Your Sauna (With Just Minutes of Maintenance!)

It’s shocking how little time you need to maintain your sauna! Basically, keep the wood clean and wipe down the sauna floor occasionally. Seriously – that’s it. Feel free to check out our super easy maintenance checklist but just know the time you’ll spend enjoying your sauna far outweighs this effortless maintenance – by a lot!

Were These Tips for Buying A Sauna What You Needed? Ready for Your Sauna?

At Mainely Tubs, we are here for you throughout the entire process—from initial consideration, to sauna comparisons, to delivery day. First, check out our helpful Home Sauna Size Guide. Then, when you are ready, give us a call, email us, or pop by our showrooms in Scarborough, Maine or Rye, New Hampshire. We’re always happy to help you make the first steps to becoming a new sauna owner!

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