If you are ready to make a swim spa part of your home, congratulations on bringing this 24/7 ultimate fitness and wellness retreat into your life!

Swim Spa Dimensions: What Size Swim Spa Should I Choose?

Here are some of the top questions we get when people first start looking at swim spas:

  • How big is a swim spa?
  • What is the average swim spa depth?
  • What is the smallest swim spa?
  • What is the largest swim spa?

We are going to jump into the world of swim spa sizes and swim spa measurements in a moment, but first, we’ll look at a couple of key areas to consider: The physical space you have for your swim spa and the swim spa product that is right for your lifestyle. These pieces of information will ultimately help guide you to the perfect swim spa with the right swim spa dimensions, so let’s get started.

How Much Room Do You Have for Your Swim Spa?

Depending on the make and model of swim spa you choose, you may decide to install it outdoors or indoors. We have plenty of swim spa placement and site tips , but we’ll give you a brief overview here.

Outdoor placement

Take measurements of the total available space of the intended spot for your swim spa. Is this space level and structurally sound? Is there reasonable access to this outdoor spot?

Indoor placement

Garage, basement, sunroom, enclosure:

Again, take accurate measurements of the total available space of the intended indoor spot for your swim spa, including the ceiling height. You can tackle all the other indoor requirements (i.e., flooring, ventilation) later, but you’ll need to know the size (and restrictions) you have in your indoor space before you look at swim spa models.

What Swim Spa Is Right for You?

We went deep into the different types of swim spas on another page, but we are now going to focus these options to this swim spa dimensions category below.  

Since you want specific questions answered (i.e. how many gallons in a swim spa, how deep is a swim spa), we will help you out by providing sample measurements within each swim spa category.

Please note: We are giving you these measurements solely to help you determine what kind of swim spa you have space for in your home. If you see the exactly “right” size in the swim spa category you want, please get in touch with your local swim spa dealer to go over the specifics!

Entry Level Systems

Category price range: ~$17,000-$22,400

As the most affordable options that are also easiest on the budget, entry-level swim spas provide a basic and enjoyable “swim-in-place” experience (some models and brands even offer a turbulence-free experience through airless jets as opposed to the jets that rely on air pressure to generate resistance), space to engage in physical activities like aerobics and rowing, as well as hydromassage benefits similar to those found in a hot tub.

Sample Dimensions*

~ 12 ft in length~ 1,400 gallons~ 1800 lbs. (dry) / ~ 15,000lbs. (Filled)  
~ 15 ft in length~ 2,000 gallons~ 2000 lbs. (dry) / ~ 19,000 lbs. (Filled)

*Please note that products will differ in functionality and options and you’ll want to discuss specifics with your local swim spa dealer.

Mid-Level Systems

Category price range: ~$20,000-$36,000

These powerful systems are geared towards people who want more versatility in the types of exercises (like rowing and resistance workouts). These systems utilize the currents found in entry-level systems, but usually employ a greater number of jets geared towards delivering more resistance with a superior feel. These units also deliver a higher degree of hydromassage benefits thanks to greater functionality. Compared to entry-level systems, you will have access to more dynamic options with the mid-level systems. As one example (in certain brands and models), you can enjoy a dual temperature swim spa with separate swim and spa areas, where each section enables individual temperature control. This means that you can work out at a comfortable temperature level at 82-85 degrees and then go into the spa area for a 104-degree hydromassage soak.

Sample Dimensions*

~15 feet in length~ 1,700gallons~ 2,500 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 18,000 lbs. (Filled)
(Includes dual-temperature swim spa hot tub area)
Overall dimensions:  ~ 20 feet in length
Swim area dimensions:  ~ 15 feet in length
Fitness/swim side: ~ 2,000 gallons
Spa side: ~ 400 gallons
~ 4,000 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 26,000 lbs. (Filled)

*Please note that products will differ in functionality and options and you’ll want to discuss specifics with your local swim spa dealer.

Premium/Premier Systems

Category price range: ~$28,300-$52,800

These systems are the top-of-the-line for the ultimate swim, fitness, and relaxation experience and they provide you with a 24/7 complete fitness/wellness retreat right at your home.

These systems are usually deeper, wider and longer units that allow for the maximum amount of space to accommodate the biggest range of workouts as well as space for others to join and relax. They also deliver the highest level of hydromassage through more targeted jets and better ergonomics. This category offers more unique options when it comes to the generation of swim currents and resistance that go beyond jets for the best swim-in-place experience. Some brands utilize propellers or paddlewheels to deliver non-turbulent currents, while others offer swim machines to produce a swimming lane with laminar flow that is deeper and wider than your swimming stroke. And, if you want a swim spa that has a treadmill, this is your category. If you want both the treadmill and the hot tub in one swim spa, it’s also possible here.

Sample Dimensions*

Model TypesDimensionsCapacityWeight
58″Swim & Treadmill~ 15’ L~ 1,700 gallons~ 2,700 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 18,000 lbs. (Filled)
52” Swim~ 15’ L~ 1,600 gallons~ 2,700 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 18,000 lbs. (Filled)
58” Swim~ 15′ L~ 2,000 gallons~ 3,600 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 25,000 lbs. (Filled)
58″Swim & Treadmill~ 17’ L~ 2,100 gallons~ 3,500 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 22,700 lbs. (Filled)
52” Swim~ 17’ L~ 2,000 gallons~ 3,000 lbs. (Dry) / ~ 21,200 lbs. (Filled)

*Please note that products will differ in functionality and options and you’ll want to discuss specifics with your local swim spa dealer.

Why Do Swim Spa Category Prices Differ So Much?

With so many swim spa options, the final price will depend upon the make and model you choose and any accessories you add to your swim spa. If you’d like to start pinning down actual numbers, reach out to your local swim spa dealer to iron this out, as well as discuss financing options that are available to you.

You Found A Swim Spa That Meets Both Your Lifestyle and Dimension Needs. What’s Next?

It’s very exciting to find the perfect swim spa for your fitness and wellness lifestyle, especially a product that can fit in your existing outdoor or indoor space for 24/7 access to your new future oasis! Let Mainely Tubs help you with the next steps of turning this swim spa dream into a reality. When you are ready, give us a call, email us, or pop by our showrooms in Scarborough, Maine or Rye, New Hampshire. We’re always here to help you find the right swim spa for you.

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